With many years experiences in the field of interior design and construction, Zebra not only stops at design products but we also cleverly bring the personality of the customer with those designs to create one inspirational space for life and work.


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Residential design and construction

A living space that both expresses the personality of the homeowner and has all the utilities is always a great challenge for Zebra Design when designing interior construction. With a team of experienced designers, we are ready to give customers a harmonious living space with the subject. With continuous creativity, every house is a special [...]
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Funiture Products

We also provide furniture with the best quality that contributes to adorn your living space.

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Zebra is the professional interior design in house, villa, apartment, store, spa, etc. We are confident to bring both individual customers and partners the most excellent products, and we proud of many years experienced team which in interior design field.

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Office: 179 Hoang Van Thu St, Phu Nhuan Dist, HCM HO: 42/3 Thanh Loc 16, Dist 12, HCM Telephone: 028 62 78 82 26 Hotline: 090 300 30 63 (Mr.Dung) Email: [email protected] Website: http://zebradesign.com.vn