Our inspiration

Feeling the great sophistication that the ‘zebra stripes’ bring to artistic people, Zebra Design has also inspired to build creativity and bring personality to customers in each design which especially like ‘black stripes’ and ‘white stripes’ on each skin are completely different in shape. We want to emphasize on ‘unique’ creativity in each client’s design.

Rythm of design

Rhythm of Design

We are always updated with the latest trends from the market to create unique ideas for your brand, bringing sophistication – aesthetics – unique which “non-touch” for commercial business purposes.

Over the years, Zebra Design has worked with large professional partners such as Novaland, Vinhomes, Masteri, Phu My Hung,… Famous retail brands such as L’Oreal, NYX, Gongcha, Tocotoco, Royal Tea,…