Design & construct F&B interior.

In recent years, coffee shops and milk tea shops have become more and more popular. Beautiful cafes, new style designs, and comfortable spaces are what today’s customers want. Because today’s coffee shop is no longer just a place to chat and chat anymore, it is also a place for customers to enjoy a comfortable space, a place to show customers values, and a meeting and working place. and shared by everyone….


The space of milk tea and coffee shops is increasingly focusing on interior design. All prominent brands are impressed with the carefully invested interior space. The investment in the design of the shop from the very beginning will determine the aesthetics as well as the usability, bringing high business efficiency.

Designing a cafe with a beautiful and novel style, the main purpose is also targeting customer needs, creating a comfortable and familiar space for everyone, or serving the trends of check-in, and virtual living,… or They can also be places for cafe appointments with customers or partners.


Zebra Design is proud to be the unit that has accompanied and designed trending chains, famous for many unique branches like Katinat Gong Cha, as well as having received the trust and cooperation with many other big brands such as Royaltea, tocotoco,…. To create creative and unique spaces.


Professional construction team, highly-skilled, always specifying the completion time of each item to help you feel secure as well as master the business plan, Avoid the risk of incurring costs, and ensure the progress of the project delivery.