Vegan House

Vegan House

Investor: Mr. An
Address: Dien Bien Phu, Dist 3, HCMC

Located in an old adjoining neighborhood, Vegan House stands out when wearing a colorful set of clothes but at the same time still simplicity and intimacy. On the basis of rearranging the old ones in a new way, to support each other’s old and new coexistence, Zebra Design has created a vintage style that is nostalgic but also adds an engraved line. Great to create a new, homogeneous space in the spirit of the whole house.

The bar corner is designed with soft bend with new cement effect, ancient tiles are adorned around to keep the tradition, the ceiling fan with metal material creates a commensurate point for extra space. delicate. The highlight is a flexible round table made from raw cement, rustic wooden tables and chairs, a round lamp with perspective and trees surrounding it, creating a charming space between people and landscapes.

The first floor uses ancient bricks adorned with the raw material of cement floor, yellow painted walls, classic furniture, leaf frames and lanterns, all creating a space that is both new and old. , the spirit of Vietnamese architecture in the 60-70s. The rooftop with a green garden, lighting lamps create a focal point for each corner to make the cultural exchange more interesting.