Royaltea Nguyen Thi Thap

RoyalTea Nguyen Thi Thap

Investor: Royal Tea Viet Nam By Hong Kong
Address: Nguyen Thi Thap, Dist 7, HCMC

The exquisite space combining trendy drinks is something that any customer wants to enjoy for his own relaxing moments. Configuring this, Zebra inspired Royal Tea in Santorini style, a beautiful island with sweet candy houses built on cliffs, emerald green waters and colored houses. white gleaming with sharpening arch again blue sphere of sky wide open.

The façade with soft blue creates a feeling of relaxation. Step inside the customer will certainly be impressed with the exquisite design, neatly decorated with the order counter decorated with fresh colors, decorative lanterns in harmony with the materials Surrounding wood makes us feel this is a cozy small house. Featured with a nicely styled long table, strange toxic cement effect, successive rows of chairs to serve diners can sit and wait for the water to be chatting.

The sitting space with the sofa set is based on the walls that have been designed to soft bend and adorn the images and materials to create a special highlight with ornamental plants to create the closeness between people and scenery. . The interesting point of the space is the long sofa set designed by Zebra to the beautiful wooden paneled wall and take advantage of the space to create sophistication in the way of clever presentation. Ceilings with wooden bars are arranged parallel to each other interspersed with decorative lighting materials to create a harmonious whole that makes the bar space become luxurious and elegant.