La Mer Beaute

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Design : Zebra Design

Client : La Mer Beaute

Area :

Interiol Styles :

Location: Lk16, Eurowindow Building, no.2, Tran Phu Street, Vinh City

Built and designed with luxurious European architecture with natural sunlight and natural grass, Zebra Design deliberately created La Mer Japan space to win your love when coming to Spa.

The living room area is arranged with unique round makeup above the eye-catching cosmetic display racks, areas of consulting rooms, treatment rooms, and rooms that are connected by Zebra with luxurious curtain system. and the door is rounded and soft.

The spacious and airy at the spa makes you feel as comfortable as in your own home. The careful investment of facilities of La Mer Beaute when choosing Zebra is a unit of creative design and quality construction, creating a very luxurious and professional professional of La Mer Japan Spa.