D.O.M Coffee In Bed


Investor: Ms.Vy
Address: Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh Dist, HCMC

Located on the dynamic Nguyen Gia Tri street, Zebra Design has brought a quiet space and completely opposite to the bustle outside.

D.O.M Coffee In Bed is a Japanese spirit space. Zebra uses the typical architectural forms commonly found in Japanese culture such as bamboo blinds, Noren blinds, bare wood slides, traditional colored paintings … The whole space is adorned with wood colors and colors. Simple white makes the space more elegant and vintage, eye-catching visual effect.

One of the more exciting types recently is the “cocoon” bed, which makes the space more unique thanks to a combination of bedroom, workplace and coffee place; You can “just sit and sit” in the “cocoon” shimmering but equally comfortable. In addition to privacy and tranquility, D.O.M Coffee In Bed still has many other functions waiting for you to explore. Come experience the space that Zebra Design made offline!