Cafe Chau Doc

Client : Mr.Đại

Area : 648m2

Interior Styles : Indochine Style

Location : Chau Đoc City

Inspired by the image of a gift box with interesting secrets, Zebra Design designed the front of the shop in the form of open space with many large glass doors, along with design lines in a modern direction. combined with white wall paint, creating a delicate and gentle beauty, besides, Zebra has cleverly used a cubic design, curved outwards, with green paint, running along the direction. The height of the architecture, as if, this gift is gradually opening and bringing out the secrets within.

Different from the outside modern lines, the interior space is designed in an oriental style mixed with a tropical design style, this is a combination of both sophistication and striking between nostalgia and nostalgia. ancient Asian traditions and the romance and modernity of French architecture, both bringing tranquility and serenity amidst fresh and poetic nature. The Indochinese design style has created a colorful symphony between Eastern and Western cultures that will make us immerse when contemplating.  At the same time, the tropical style brings a green, gentle and peaceful space.

The large lobby is arranged scientifically with furniture placed on the left, with large mirrors to help create spaciousness for the space, and on the right is the bar neatly rounded in an oval shape. Soft features for the design as well as optimizing the restaurant space. The design of the space with 3 main colors is White – Green – And Brown, combined with models of rattan ceiling lights, with pictures according to the design. Old tones, and rustic wood details, on small-sized cement tiles typical of Indochinese style, bring a sense of nostalgia, peace, and lightness to the space.

The entrance to the floor has been utilized by Zebra and inspired by the image of a fairy forest, with small cages, giving the feeling of sitting in a quiet, peaceful, and relaxing forest with The sound of birds chirping and leaves clapping gently. Upstairs furniture such as chairs, ceiling lights, etc. Using bamboo and rattan materials to create, this is a symbol associated with the Vietnamese nation, so bamboo is also an indispensable material in the Indochinese style, with traditional and simple decoration details. Simple and sophisticated. The walls are painted in blue, and painted with pictures of nature, to highlight the typical tropical climate as well as create nostalgia, a sense of familiarity, and closeness. The lights used are yellow, making the space warmer, more luxurious, and quiet.

The rooftop is decorated with a lot of green trees, and the yellow light illuminates with a moderate amount of light, not too bright, the view from the upper floor looks down on the street, making the space extremely romantic.