Mr. Phuong Indochine House

Thiết kế thi công nội thất nhà ở

Mr. Phuong Indochine House

Investor: Mr. Phuong
Address: Tay Song Hau, Long Xuyen.

A little nostalgia in modern life is what Zebra Design wants to aim for this house!

The living room space is emphasized with outstanding wooden details and items arranged appropriately. The highlight is the tile floor with a pattern of traditional flowers. In addition, the living room and kitchen are openly designed with green areas and skylights filled with natural light.

White tone, cream and deep brown wood material used in bedroom design exudes the elegance and warmth of the room.

An important feature not to be missed in Indochina style is the area of the shrine room, where the ancient features are shown, not seriously placed on the religious issues but deeply meditative, designed by Zebra harmoniously with no outside garden space.