GongCha Hoang Thanh

GongCha Hoang Thanh

Investor: GongCha Viet Nam
Address: Hoang Thanh Tower, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi

GONGCHA is a very hot name in the current tea community and it is very fortunate to have Zebra Design opportunity to accompany GONGCHA during the past time.

Unlike previous times, this concept was introduced by Zebra as a youthful and dynamic spirit. Mainly used in light tones plus the combination of wood material and cotton tiles for the order area to create a unique character. Tables and chairs are diverse in style, arranged in many different ways, mixed with green pots, and every time you stand, it is guaranteed to have good photos.

The view is beautiful, spacious and airy so we are comfortable to sit down with milk tea!