Ms. Truc Sunrise City View

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Ms. Truc Sunrise City View

Investor: Ms. Truc
Address: Sunrise City View, Nguyen Huu Tho, Dist 7, HCMC

“Simple is delicate” is the message that Zebra Design wants to send through this design.

With the basic colors of white, black, gray, a few soft wood tones. Zebra has cleverly created a refined and luxurious space by using white tones for walls, ceilings and some interior items, which have highlighted the surrounding furniture and made the space more spacious and airy.

The decorative items meet the function and beauty necessary, not too ostentatious, many details. Therefore, most of the designs will be shapes or straight lines. In addition, light is also an important component to help shape the shape of objects as well as bring warmth to the apartment.

If you love the minimalist, neat, this will be the perfect choice for your apartment!