Mrs. Ayumi City Garden


Investor: Mrs. Ayumi
Address: Ngo Tat To, Binh Thanh Dist, HCMC

Style Indochine – a beauty that is close but not monotonous, luxurious but still retains the traditional features. The external Indochina style meets the high aesthetics and is also suitable for the customs and climate in Vietnam: from the colors, the use of materials, equipment and materials, etc. to bring convenience. and comfortable for the apartment.

Vietnamese investors who used to live and work in Japan should have a high aesthetic vision, especially focusing on details of lines and interior materials. Zebra Design has shaped an Indochina-style apartment with quite selective details such as: brick, curved arch or ledge … Delicate harmonious combination with jade green color as a highlight , with wood material that creates ancient features and exudes modern features for space.

Most of the tables and chairs, screens are mainly used in wood, decorated with rhythmic decorations, reliefs to bring warmth but equally sophisticated and luxurious for the apartment.