Mr. Le Thanh Hoa Apart

Thiết kế thi công nội thất căn hộ người nổi tiếng


Investor: Mr. Le Thanh Hoa
Address: Ben Van Don, Ward 1, Dist 4, HCMC

Designer Le Thanh Hoa – is a famous fashion designer in Vietnamese Showbiz. The daily working environment is always noisy and stressful. So, after returning to work every day, he wants to relax in a relaxed, peaceful and inspiring design space.

Zebra Design brings contemporary design into the house, creating open space for the house to be more open and spacious. Break down the master bedroom partition and the living room to make an art gallery space. Leave a toilet to expand the kitchen space. The strong contrast between the raw colors and raw materials of wood and concrete brings a unique style to the owner.