Earl Tea


Investor: Mrs. Hee
Address: Vinhomes Central Park, Binh Thanh Dist, HCMC

The investor is a girl full of business enthusiasm. With the passion and desire to create a brand of milk tea with a personal impression between the milk tea market which is very popular but also full of competition among big brands.

Earl Tea chose the image of the countess as the main logo, originating the material from the combination of British royal tea and modern milk tea. Zebra Design has created the space of Earl Tea with a luxurious but equally modern style that is suitable for almost all subjects.

With a classic selling style, choose neutral colors as the main combination of gold and gold accents, cement tiles and motifs to create the difference in style. The surrounding space is further depicted by Zebra, with only bulging details, ceiling designs with soft curved corners, creating a luxurious elegance without being mixed with other brands.